Spirit At Play supports children and adults to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing

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Spirit at Play. Who are we?

SpiritAtPlay supports children and adults to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing.

We offer a calm interaction with horses to people with learning disabilities, low level mental ill health and physical disabilities, young people at risk of offending, NEET and other challenges with our 5 rescue horses...

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How to get involved

You can visit us in two ways: 1) by referral from a family support worker, school, health visitor etc .. to book up to four sessions.

Each session is about 2 hours where a big variety of horse interactive activities can take place. We want the outcome of these sessions to make a positive contribution...

How to get involved

A message from Judith Edwards

As the project manager, I have joined support groups on-line for parents and carers with disabled children either physically or mentally in order to develop my offer of support for the children and parents I work with.

I also wanted to understand the problems that the disabled child in the family brings...

A personal message
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"I have diagnosed Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder along with General Anxiety Disorder, I ultimately suffer from mental health issues. I reached out to Judith at Spirit at Play when my symptoms became so debilitating, I couldn’t leave the house, let alone integrate within society. Obviously being a huge step, I took my father with me as my support. Stepping way out of my comfort zone. I cannot even begin to explain the difference this therapy impacted on my health. I had lost trust in everyone, so to suddenly find it in a horse just blew me away.

I must be honest and say that I was sceptical at first, but that cynicism soon vanished when I could quite literally feel my soul bonding with the horses. Don’t get me wrong it didn’t happen overnight but sure enough session by session it had a massive impact on my own self confidence. I was literally excited for my appointment time to come around each week, I had learnt to laugh, be at ease and feel no judgement whatsoever. "

Latest News

The children are getting ready to go back to school. If your child is home taught and is troubled by any life problems it may be the time for you to get funding in your package for sessions with Spiritatplay.


An Introduction to Animal Communication - Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2023 This Workshop is suitable for older children and adults. Over the two days, we will learn how animal communication is possible and how you can do this too! We all have it within us! Times: 10am till 3pm on Saturday 5th August and 10am till 12:30pm on Sunday 6th August 2023

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How much does the service cost?

Thanks to the Big Lottery Communities Grant, we can run the Families United project as a free of charge service for those families with no recourse to finances to pay for it. Where a family is being funded we will invoice a charge of £80 per session. It is the same price whether for an individual or whole family attending.

How we do it

The best way to book sessions is by referral, however we will consider family self-referrals sometimes. There is a simple referral form to complete (see below). Our horses are an essential part of the team. We are not a horse riding project, all the activities take place on the ground. But don’t let this put you off, we are confident that to experience horses next to them rather than on them brings a different and special relationship...

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