The Horses

Horse wellbeing

Our horses come from situations of neglect or ill treatment. However over time we have fully rehabilitated them and our policy is that we choose not to ride them or let them be ridden. They live as naturally as a horse possibly can within our care and with that comes a unique relationship.

We have used specific training methods based on the knowledge and training of Judith Edwards following the principles of natural horsemanship. We treat them in the most horse-centred way possible. The horses in our care are therefore calm, balanced and feel comfortable around children and adults.

Detail profile of each horse and their characteristics

  • Inca
  • Ruby
  • Hobson
  • Salaam
  • Toby
  • Beaky
  • And the dog and cat


Ruby is an ex-steeplechaser who decided she wasn’t going to steeplechase any more. She made her choice quite clear when she bucked off any one who got on her. After a lot of re-schooling she still would not have any one on her back...

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Hobson was found by a friend of mine in a dealer’s yard as a tiny foal left for dead. He was full of worms and lice, my friend could not go home without him. She bottle fed him and raised him. I took him on as a three year old. ...

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Toby, whose real name is, To Be Sure, was doing eventing and jumping when he went unsound. He wasn’t actually lame but not bodily good enough to carry on. After a lot of tests and examinations the vets diagnosed Navicular...

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I found Salaam whilst I was attending a clinic with my Horsemanship Instructor. At break time I got into conversation with the owner of the yard where clinic was being held. She told me that she had a horse who had spent most of his life based in Dubie ...

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Beaky is staying with us as a guest, he has become an important part of the herd. Beaky is an ex racehorse he so gentle and kind, a real gentleman. He took some time to settle in but is happy and runs and plays with the rest. He had his 21st birthday...

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Archie was rescued by a lovely lady who goes to deserted farms and checks for stray cats. He was living all alone, coping for himself but she took home and tried to domesticate him but he didn’t like to be in a house.

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